10 Health Risks from Over-Eating

When we speak of the health risks of overeating, we are generally referring to overeating as a lifestyle, not an occasional large meal. Continual overeating can lead to weight gain, and it is those extra pounds that actually create the greatest health risks.

  1. Coronary Disease – Clogged arteries and resulting heart attacks is one of the major health risks faced by people who are overweight. Being overweight greatly increases your risk of a heart attack.
  2. High Blood Pressure – High blood pressure can be caused by several things, and being overweight is just one of those causes. If you have other contributing factors to your high blood pressure, the extra pounds will just make it more difficult to keep your blood pressure under control.
  3. Diabetes – Overeating and weight gain can cause individuals to develop Type 2 Diabetes. Diabetes can lead to further health problems. The disease can affect eyesight, kidneys and nerve damage to the feet.
  4. Stroke – One the leading causes of death in the United States, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes all can increase your chances of having a stroke. Since being overweight increases your chances of developing these health problems, it also increases your chances of having a stroke.
  5. Respiratory Problems – Carrying the extra weight around can affect a person’s breathing. You will often find that people who are overweight become easily winded and short of breath.
  6. Osteoarthritis – Extra weight causes more stress on the joints of your body. This additional stress can contribute to the development of joint related discomfort such as osteoarthritis.
  7. High Cholesterol – High cholesterol can be affected by both diet and hereditary makeup. People who are overweight will often develop high cholesterol, which predisposes them to heart disease and stroke.
  8. Gallbladder disease – Those who are overweight are more likely to deal with gallbladder disease. This health concern is also one that can be very painful to experience.
  9. Sleep apnea – This disorder is characterized by pauses in breathing or very shallow breathing during sleep. It has been noted that a high percentage of those diagnosed with this disorder are overweight, and that, weight loss decreases the frequency of sleep apnea symptoms.
  10. Indigestion – Overeating will naturally affect your digestive system. Your digestive system is designed to operate best when a person’s consumption is nutritionally balanced and relative to the needs of a person’s body weight and metabolism rate.

Too often we see weight issues as only related to a person’s appearance. As seen above, overeating, which results in increased weight, can also be damaging to a person’s health.