10 Natural Ways to Suppress Your Appetite

If you find yourself feeling hungry between meals, there are plenty of natural ways to suppress your appetite without adding many calories. Listed below are ten natural ways to curb your appetite.

  1. Water – Drinking a large glass of water when you feel hungry will usually communicate to your brain that your stomach is full and will suppress your urge to eat for another hour or two.
  2. Banana – This makes a great snack when the hungry pains come. It will help satisfy the need for something filling in your stomach without any fat and minimal calories.
  3. Apple – Another great fruit choice for snacks, the apple provides plenty of fiber and a sweet flavor. Eating an apple for your afternoon or morning snack will usually keep you satisfied until the next meal.
  4. Raw vegetables – For low calories and a filling snack, raw vegetables like carrots, celery and broccoli are a great choice. You can fill your stomach very quickly with these foods.
  5. Pickles – Dill pickles are another great snack choice for squelching the hunger pains. Sweet pickles will be higher calorie because of their sugar content, but any pickled vegetables that do not have sugar added can make a great snack choice.
  6. Broth – Low calorie chicken or beef broth can be a good appetite suppressant during cold weather. They make a nice change from vegetables and fruit.
  7. Salmon – It only takes a small amount of this high protein fish to curb the appetite. It’s high nutritional value will give you an extra bonus.
  8. Oatmeal – High in fiber, oatmeal cereal or snack bars will fill you up, and keep you feeling full, much longer than most grains.
  9. Tea – Both herbal and caffeinated teas can be used as appetite suppressants, however, the caffeinated black and green teas will be a longer-lasting appetite suppressant.
  10. Coffee – Caffeine is a natural ingredient in coffee beans and is well known as a appetite suppressant. However, caffeine, whether it is a natural ingredient or added, has side effects that should be considered. Caffeine is considered to be a diuretic, which means that it can cause you to pass fluids out of your body faster than you take them in. It also has addictive traits, which can lead to withdrawal systems such as headaches and fatigue, when a person does not receive their ‘daily dose’. There are several other possible side effects of caffeine consumption. Your doctor should be consulted as to the effects of caffeine on your particular health concerns.

There are plenty of natural options to choose from to assist in appetite suppression. Just because something is ‘natural’, such as in the case of caffeine, does not mean that it is safe or without side effects. Always be sure to educate yourself and consult with a doctor before committing to daily use of any type of appetite suppressant.