10 Reasons Men Get a Beer Belly

It is not uncommon to see men who seem to carry all their excess weight in their mid-section. This has been commonly referred to as having a ‘beer belly’. Is beer really the culprit for this ‘Santa Claus’ shape, or can there by other factors? We’ve listed ten of the reasons that men develop beer bellies.

  1. Beer – Although beer is not always the culprit, it most certainly can be. However, studies have shown that moderate daily consumption of beer is less likely to create a beer belly than those who simply drink large amounts of beer once or twice a week.
  2. Alcohol – Of course, beer itself is not the real issue, the effect can be a result of any type of heavy alcohol consumption. Alcohol is high in the calories that create fat in our bodies.
  3. Drinking to excess – As stated in number one, it isn’t just drinking of beer or alcoholic beverages that is the issue, but drinking large amounts during one day that is more likely to grow a man’s belly disproportionately.
  4. Sedentary employment – Men who are employed in positions, which require them to sit most of the day, such as truck drivers and those who sit at a computer most of the day, are more likely to develop a beer belly than those who have a position that requires daily physical activity.
  5. High calorie meals – Many men do not change their eating habits when their physical activities change. They continue to eat the same large, high calorie meals that they ate as an active teenager without the physical activity required to burn off those calories.
  6. Empty calorie snacks – Drinking sweetened beverages and eating high calorie snacks like potato chips, candy and donuts add lots of calories without many nutrients or hunger satisfaction.
  7. Sedentary lifestyles – Men who are not involved in sports or physical work around the home can easily fall into a habit of spending their leisure time watching television or browsing on the computer. This combines with the high calorie intake to build fat cells around their waist.
  8. Unbalanced meals – Men often look for big meals rather than nutritionally balanced meals. This can mean a high level of carbohydrates and minimal fruits and vegetables. Carbohydrates contribute to body fat, just as much as fat itself.
  9. Eating out – Men usually eat out more than women. Restaurants often provide meals that are much higher in calories and have larger servings than what you would eat at home. Every meal eaten at a restaurant or picked up in the drive-through will add inches to the waist-line.
  10. Genetics – Why do men’s calories tend to all build fat in one area of their body, the mid-section? It appears that men’s fat cells are not as well distributed as women’s. They can have very skinny legs and a huge belly. A woman is more likely to gain her weight in the hips and thighs, since her fat cells are more distributed in those areas than her belly.

A large ‘beer belly’, regardless of the true cause, is never attractive. The large belly is also a strain on a man’s back and creates fat deposits that can be harmful to the heart. Increasing physical activity and eating a healthier diet are the answers to decreasing the belly size.