10 Reasons Men Go on Quick Diets

Men are just as likely to try quick diets as women, but maybe not for all the same reasons. The allure of a quick and painless solution to their weight problems can be hard to resist. However, the pounds lost are usually quickly regained when the guys go back to the bad eating habits that put the pounds on in the first place. What reasons do men have for going on quick diets?

  1. Single again – Men who are married or in a committed relationship will sometimes let themselves go. Once they are in the market for another relationship they want to lose those extra pounds fast.
  2. Special event – Class reunions and other events are often an incentive for men to lose weight just as they are for women. Guys want those popular cheerleaders to think they really made a mistake when they snubbed them in high school.
  3. Summer – That first hot day when he decides to go shirtless can be a wake up call for some men. Those love handles weren’t so obvious under a sweatshirt, but now they have to go.
  4. Impress women – Of course, the biggest incentive for any guy to go on a quick diet is to impress women. Men will do any number of crazy things just to get some hot chick to pay attention to them.
  5. Impatient – Many men are quite short on the patience it takes to lose weight sensibly and keep it off. They’re looking for a quick solution to a problem that takes time to resolve.
  6. Talked into it – Some guys will try a quick diet just because they were talked into it by their buddies. Chances are their buddies will soon lose interest and turn their focus to something else.
  7. Spouse decides – Some men will end up on a quick diet, but not by their own choice. If their spouse is doing the cooking, she may be the one who decides he needs to go on a quick diet.
  8. Jeans don’t fit – Most guys don’t like to go shopping, so when their jeans don’t fit anymore, they might decide it’s easier to go on a diet. Why waste time and money buying new jeans when you can just lose a few pounds quickly?
  9. Lack of commitment – Let’s face it, some men have a problem with making a commitment. Losing weight sensibly takes time and more of a commitment than some men are willing to make.
  10. Please the wife – Some men will go on a quickie diet just to get their wife to quit complaining about their weight. They think maybe if they quickly lose a few pounds she’ll stop nagging for a while.

When it comes to losing weight, men do have an advantage over women. Since they have more muscle density, it’s easier for them to burn more calories and lose fat quicker. These quick diets may have a dramatic affect for some men, but the long term results are often the same. Unless men change their calorie intake and get adequate exercise, the pounds they lose will eventually return once they go back to eating pizza and drinking beer with their buddies.