10 Reasons Not to Do a Juice Fast to Lose Weight

Juice fasts have been around for a long time and are a form of detox where you drink only juice (preferably straight from a juicer) for a period of time. Juice fasts are preferred by many because of the nutrients still available in juice versus water only fasts.

  1. Not Safe for Everyone. Juice fasting is not safe for anyone with diabetes or impaired kidney function, pregnant women and children, cancer or AIDS patients, people on prescription medications and anyone in ill health suffering from fever or fatigue.
  2. Side Effects. There are numerous side effects that can occur from juice fasting including; headaches, fatigue, hypoglycemia, acne, increased body odor, bad breath, fainting, dizziness, low blood pressure, heart arrhythmias, vomiting, and kidney problems just to name a few.
  3. Dehydration. You may wonder how you could get dehydrated when you are drinking juice, but it can happen. Some juices are a natural diuretic and no matter what kind of juice you drink, diarrhea is almost always going to occur if you consume too much and nothing else. Both of these combined together can lead to dehydration and electrolyte imbalance.
  4. Metabolism Shift. Using a juice fast for weight loss is not a good idea because it can cause an imbalance in your metabolism. Once you return to your normal diet, your metabolism will have been lowered due to your body trying to get by on fewer calories, and you will gain back the weight you lost and sometimes even more.
  5. Survival Mode. When you are reducing your caloric intake during a juice fast, your body can go into survival mode and shift gears from burning fat to burning muscle. This is not only dangerous for you, but it will not help with weight loss since the fat is still there, and now you have less muscle to burn it off, once you go off the fast.
  6. Emotional Impact. One of the effects of a juice fast can be lowered blood sugar. Once this happens, you can experience severe mood swings, which can lead to overeating, to make up for what is missing from your diet.
  7. Can be Counter Effective. Some fruits and veggies contain high levels of sugar and can be bad for you if consumed in large quantities, and will hinder weight loss.
  8. Not Enough Nutrients. While it is true that fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins, mineral and nutrient,s they can be lacking in some of what your body needs. This can lead to a nutrient deficiency, which can be life threatening.
  9. It’s NOT Permanent. Juice fasting is only intended to be for a few days. It can lead to a loss of a few pounds during the duration of the fast, but it is not permanent. Unless you change your habits, that weight will come back on.
  10. Death. We saved the worst for last. Juice fasting, or rather any type of fasting, can lead to death. Some people believe that fasting can cure them of a disease with no other treatment is taken. Others are just trying to purify their body by removing toxins; and others for weight loss. It doesn’t matter what your reasons are for juice fasting, the possibilities of it resulting in death, are still there.

No one knows how their body is going to react to fasting, until they do it. Is it really worth the risk?