10 Reasons People Need to Drink More Water

With temperatures hanging near the 100-degree mark I’m sure we are all feeling the heat.  But what are you doing about it?  When do you need to increase your water intake?  Is 8 glasses of water the right amount for everyone?  Do kids need the same amount of water as overweight adults?  Check out 10 reasons people need to drink more water.

  1. Hydration: Men need 13 glasses of water a day unless they are more active and then they need to increase that amount to replace the fluids they lose in sweat.  Women need 9 glasses of water a day unless you are pregnant, nursing or over weight and then you will need to drink more to keep your body hydrated.  Again, the more active you are the more water you will need to consume.
  2. Skin: Water helps your skins stay plump and resilient against wrinkles.  It may seem silly, but your skin needs water to look and feel healthy.  When your skin gets dry and itchy it’s because it needs water.  During the winter the forced heat environment that we all live in will suck the moisture right out of your skin.  The hot showers that most of us indulge in during the winter also dry out our skin.  Drink plenty of water and that will help your skin stay supple.
  3. Hair: To achieve the lush shiny hair that we all want, it’s more important to drink plenty of water than to use the right shampoo.  Our hair can be dry with split ends for many reasons, chemical treatments, chlorine, and others, but if you drink plenty of water your hair will be better able to cope with the external effects of these chemicals.  If you are not drinking the water that your body needs it will pull it from your skin and hair.
  4. Nails: Do you envy those women with beautiful natural nails?  If you want better looking nails make sure you are drinking enough water every day.  Just like the water in your hair and skin the water in your fingernails is important to the healthy look and feel of your nails.  Drinking milk will help too, but remember that a lot of milk is made up of water. If you walk around dehydrated all the time your nails will be dry and brittle and they will peel and break.  That’s not the look you are going for.
  5. Weight loss: Water actually helps you lose weight.  The water you drink will keep your body working at its best and helps to flush the fat out of your system.  Your metabolism depends on water to help your body burn calories.  As you exercise you need to increase your water intake.
  6. Flush toxins: The organs in your body are there for a reason.  To help your organs do their job of flushing the toxins out of your body you must drink enough water every day.
  7. Better than coffee: Do you feel like you need a cup of java to wake up in the morning?  Try drinking a big glass of water first thing in the morning.  It will help wake you up and it does it without caffeine that can actually be a diuretic and cause your body to lose precious water.
  8. Keep you regular: Yep, no one likes to think about it, but it’s important to your overall health and well being to have regular bowel movements.  Drinking enough water will make it easier for you to go.
  9. Increase your energy: When your body doesn’t get enough water everything slows down and you can start to feel sluggish.  Most people don’t attribute feeling sluggish to being dehydrated, but this can be a factor.
  10. Avoiding a hangover: Alcohol can cause your body to become dehydrated and this is one of the factors in having a hangover the next morning.  One easy way to avoid a hangover and to counteract the effects of alcohol on your body is to drink a glass of water before and after every drink you have.