10 Reasons to Hate Crossfit

CrossFit enthusiasts act like it’s the best thing since zippers. What is all the hoopla about? These fitness zealots go on and on about how great this fitness program is and they think everyone should try it. I’m not so excited and I’ll give you 10 reasons I don’t like CrossFit.

  1. Too intense – My idea of exercise is a nice leisurely walk in the woods. I don’t want a strenuous workout that’s going to make me hurt all over. This CrossFit program is way too intense for me.
  2. Too much equipment – Have you looked into all the equipment you need for this workout program? You’ll need gymnastics rings and parallettes, plyometrics boxes, a Dynamax medicine ball, dumbbells, kettlebells, climbing rope, Concept II Rower, and a glute-ham developer just to name a few. Either you have to go to a specially equipped gym or buy all this stuff yourself. No thanks!
  3. Don’t like competition – Some people thrive on competition, but not me. I don’t need someone else showing me how much I suck at anything. I’m perfectly capable of figuring that out myself.
  4. Back injuries – There’s a lot of heavy lifting and carrying objects in CrossFit and I don’t think my back can take it. Some people claim that the risk of injury far outweighs the benefits and I tend to believe them.
  5. I’m a loner – People rave about the great CrossFit community and how supportive they are. I don’t need a bunch of fitness zealots badgering me about my exercise program or lack thereof.
  6. Too fat – I am far too fat to start on such an intense workout routine and I wouldn’t be caught dead going to a gym. I have no illusions about becoming an athlete or having abs of steel.
  7. Too hard – These CrossFit workouts are very demanding and frankly they’re just too darn hard. I’d be setting myself up for major failure if I even attempted to try a routine like that.
  8. Too dirty – People who do CrossFit get sweaty and downright dirty in the process. I can accomplish the same result by working in my vegetable garden. I don’t need to pay someone to get me in that state.
  9. Unscientific – There really doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to the different aspects of the CrossFit program and it looks like anything goes. The whole thing appears to be totally unscientific and unstructured.
  10. Great expectations – CrossFit trainers expect you to show up, work hard and improve, plus they insist on telling you the truth. I’m afraid I would be a great disappointment to them.

CrossFit claims that they can tailor their programs to fit any individual’s needs, but I’m skeptical. A fitness regimen used by athletes, law enforcement, firemen and military training doesn’t seem suited for an overweight, middle-aged woman like me. I’ll stick to the low intensity of a good walk and leave the CrossFit training for those younger and more physically fit than me.