10 Reasons to Like Crossfit

CrossFit is a fitness regimen that is used by law enforcement agencies, fire departments, military organizations and professional athletes. The brand emphasizes strength and conditioning by using a large variety of exercise and training techniques to produce overall fitness. Instead of focusing on one area, the CrossFit program works on all areas of physical activity for people of any age and ability. Here are 10 reasons I do like CrossFit for my workout.

  1. Variety – CrossFit uses a wide variety of disciplines to strengthen every aspect of your physical fitness. You not only work on strength and endurance, but also stamina, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination and accuracy. You never have to worry about getting bored with the same old exercise routine.
  2. Flexible – People of all ages and abilities can use CrossFit to get into shape. The universal scalability works for children and the elderly as well as professional athletes. Everyone can use this program to achieve their personal goals.
  3. Personalized – Each individual can tailor this exercise regimen to fit their personal needs and lifestyle. By using a de-centralized approach and best practices, CrossFit trainers share ideas and find out what works best for different circumstances.
  4. Competition – The integration of competition into the program motivates people to do more and work harder. The annual CrossFit Games have competitors from all over the world and are laboratories for human performance.
  5. Community – People benefit from others in the CrossFit community who share their goals and provide support. You never feel alone during your workouts and receive expert coaching. You become teammates with others in the gym, online and in your local affiliate.
  6. Intensity – The secret ingredient of CrossFit is its focus on intensity. The level of intensity is different for each individual, but a shorter duration, high intensity workout has been proven to be a healthier choice.
  7. Results – By scoring your workouts, you keep track of your improvements and see measurable results. You not only look and feel better physically your scores show it as well.
  8. Support – Everyone can get discouraged if they’re not progressing as they’d like or suffer setbacks. The CrossFit community gives you the support you need to keep trying harder and not give up.
  9. No weaknesses – Instead of ignoring your weaknesses, CrossFit helps you focus on them and overcome them. By developing all aspects of physical and mental fitness, you’ll be ready for anything.
  10. Overall health – The combination of functional movements and diet promotes your overall health and longevity. You look and feel better, perform better and your energy levels increase as your CrossFit training continues.

The CrossFit program uses all three metabolic pathways to produce the energy you need to perform any activity. Most other sports and fitness programs only use one or two specializing on some areas, but leaving you weak in others. Thousands of athletes and other professionals use CrossFit and praise the results. Maybe this is the fitness program that will work best for you as well.