10 Reasons to Walk Every Day

There are so many modes of transportation now that people can get around without walking much anymore. They can drive, ride, take the elevator or escalator, moving sidewalks, or use any number of devices to transport themselves from here to there. However, as people become more health conscious, they are rediscovering the benefits of walking. Here are 10 reasons you should make the effort to walk every day.

  1. Exercise – Of course the first reason to go for a walk is for the exercise. Walking is a great cardiovascular workout with low stress on your joints. You can easily tailor your walk to meet your specific needs by changing the length and difficulty.
  2. Easy – People learn to walk as a toddler, so you don’t need any special training to go for a walk. There are no classes to take or major preparations. Just get out there and do it. However, if you’re walking for exercise, make sure you stretch before and after.
  3. Inexpensive – One of the best things about walking for exercise is that it doesn’t take any special equipment or cost anything to do. All you need is a pair of comfortable shoes and probably a bottle of water and you’re all set to go.
  4. Enjoy nature – Hopefully you have a place to walk that you can enjoy nature and the great outdoors. It’s awesome to see the flowers, trees, birds and animals plus watch the subtle differences as the seasons change.
  5. Personal time – Whether you’re indoors or out, walking is a way for you to have some very important personal time. Work, family, friends and other commitments all make huge demands on your time, so going for a walk is a good way to claim some time for yourself.
  6. Relieve stress – Walking is a great stress reliever. There’s nothing like a brisk walk to blow off some steam or a casual stroll to calm your nerves. It’s also a good way to have some thinking time to sort out a problem, make plans or just contemplate life and the universe.
  7. Maintain the habit – The importance of walking every day is to maintain the good habit. It’s too easy to succumb to a myriad of excuses for skipping your walk that you need to make a conscious effort to get out every day even if it’s just for a few minutes.
  8. Time with others – Walking is something you can do by yourself, but it’s also a great time to share with others. Walk with your friends, walk with your kids and, of course, make sure to walk with your dog that needs a walk just as much as you do.
  9. Neighborhood awareness – Whether you live in an urban or rural area, walking is a unique way to stay aware of what’s going on in your neighborhood. You’re much more likely to notice things you wouldn’t otherwise and it’s nice to chat with neighbors you happen to see along the way.
  10. Because you can – The most important reason to walk every day is because you can. Don’t forget there are millions of people who aren’t able to walk, so take time to think of them and how lucky you are to have the ability to do something so many of us take for granted.

There are so many good reasons to walk that you really don’t have any reason not to. Think of ways to make it part of your every day routine. Instead of driving a couple blocks, why not walk there instead? Don’t drive around trying to find the closest parking spot, but park at the end of the lot to get in a few extra steps. There are many ways to fit some walking into your busy schedule and you’ll quickly start to see the benefits of your efforts. Be sure to walk every day to maintain your physical and mental health.