10 Reasons Why to Like the Paleo Diet

You may have heard or read about a dieting concept called the Paleo Diet. Popularized by Dr. Loren Cordain and his book, The Paleo Diet, it’s based on the idea that the eating habits of our Stone Age ancestors is a naturally healthy diet for modern man as well. There are some interesting aspects to the Paleo Diet, or caveman diet, that have me intrigued and I’d like to share my thoughts about them. Here then are 10 reasons why I like the Paleo Diet:

  1. Nothing Fancy – Since the idea is to eat as our Stone Age ancestors did, the Paleo Diet naturally adheres to a fairly simple assortment of food choices. In other words, it’s right up my alley, so I don’t have to make a lot of changes to my current diet, which is already fairly prehistoric.
  2. Glad We Could Meat – So many diet fads out there expect me to give up red meat in order to be healthy. That may or may not be the right choice for others, but – with apologies to my vegan friends – I am an unabashed carnivore, so sign me up.
  3. I Dig This Diet – You’ve just gotta love a diet whose supporting scientific evidence has literally had to be dug up. How many diet fad creators out there have anthropologists helping with their research?
  4. Out of the Cave – Integral to the success of the Paleo Diet is the theory that the nutritional requirements of Stone Age humans were based on their physically rigorous lifestyles. In other words, it’s not just a diet but a behavioral program that entreats us to exercise as well as eat right.
  5. A la Carte – There seems to be a lot of flexibility built into this diet. According to its supporters, you can substitute a lot of different foods to replicate the nutritional needs of  Stone Agers.
  6. Wizard of Oz – Dr. Kerin O’Dea of the University of Melbourne, conducted a study involving 10 middle-aged Aborigines. The subjects were raised in the Outback, having been hunter-gatherers for much of their lives. After acclimating to Western Civilization cuisine, they became overweight and developed type 2 diabetes. When they returned to their natural diets, they lost the weight and the diabetes gradually disappeared.
  7. A Raw Deal – It just makes sense to me to avoid foods (grains, potatoes, beans) that need to be cooked in order to destroy toxins that exist in them naturally. Then again, as I said earlier, I love red meat … but on the grill, please.
  8. Feeling Stuffed – Much of our diet today consists of foods like these grains, beans and potatoes that are essentially empty calories. They aren’t very high in vitamins or nutrients and when they take the place of foods that do provide them, our bodies require the vitamin supplements we rely so heavily on today.
  9. Moderation is Key – Although there are differing opinions among proponents of the Paleo diet, there seems to be a consensus that a healthy diet should consist of a good balance of food sources, and avoiding excessive calories.
  10. Watch What You Eat – As can be said for just about any diet plan, the caveman diet is at least causing people to examine what they’re eating more closely, from the perspective of what value their food has to their bodies. It could mean devising a plan of your own that suits your body, but knowing what works and what doesn’t – for you – can be a wealth of healthy knowledge.