10 Ways to Cool Off While You Run

Running is great exercise, but as with any aerobic exercise, your body heats up while you run. You can easily overheat if you do not find ways to cool off while you run. Here are ten tips for keeping yourself cool while you run.

  1. Shade – Head for trails that are shaded. It will always be several degrees cooler in the shade than it is in the direct sunlight. Parks and other wooded areas are a great choice for running on a hot day.
  2. Sprinklers/fountains – Take detours through a few sprinklers or near fountains when you run. The spray of cool water will help cool your skin as you run.
  3. Dowse with water – Pouring a bottle of water of your head to cool yourself while your running is another alternative. Cooling your head will always help your entire body to feel cooler.
  4. Run in the rain – This is a great option for keeping cool while you run, when it is available. Of course, your climate and weather patterns are going to dictate this to you; it really isn’t a matter of choice.
  5. Run in the wind – A breeze will always help to keep you a little cooler while you run. The air blowing against your skin will feel good, though running against the wind can make you work a little harder than normal.
  6. Run on a cloudy day – When the sun is hidden behind the clouds, you will not feel the heat as much when you’re running. Don’t neglect the sunblock on these days. The sun’s rays will still cause sunburn through the clouds.
  7. Treadmill with fan – Some treadmills come with built-in fans for cooling you while you run. If yours does not, you can always setup a box fan near your treadmill to help keep you cool while you’re running indoors.
  8. Run early morning – Many runners choose to run early in the morning, sometimes before sunup, in order to take advantage of the cooler temperatures.
  9. Wear light colors – Light colors reflect heat away and dark colors will draw heat to you. Choose whites or other light colors for your running gear to keep you cooler on hot days.
  10. Hydrate – This is probably one of the most important steps in keeping your body cool while you’re running. Carry a water bottle or make drink stops to replenish the fluids that are being lost as you perspire. Your perspiration is your natural body coolant.

As you can see, water, shade and breeze are the three main cooling components used to help you cool off while you run. Any way that you can incorporate these into your running time will help to keep your body heat down.