10 Ways to Get Into the Exercise Habit

Getting into the exercise habit can be tough for some people. They know they should get more exercise, but have trouble sticking with a regular fitness program. Bad habits are hard to break and good habits can be hard to make. Here are 10 ways you can get into the exercise habit and stick with it.

  1. Prioritize – If you only exercise when you have time, you’ll never be consistent. Make your fitness program a top priority in your day. It’s so easy to let other demands on your time come first, so it’s important to schedule a little “me time” each day.
  2. Buddy system – Some people aren’t very self-motivated so getting an exercise buddy helps a lot. You and your friend don’t want to let each other down so you both can help motivate each other to exercise on a regular basis.
  3. Rewards – Another motivational tool is to promise yourself a reward for exercising. A new pair of shoes could be the incentive you need to stick with your exercise schedule for a month.
  4. Every day – Make sure you schedule your exercise routine every day. Even if there are days that you just can’t fit it in, you’re at least thinking about it and skipped days will become the exception rather than the rule.
  5. Time of day – The time of day you exercise is also very important to whether you stick with the habit or not. Schedule your workout for the time of day that you feel most energetic and motivated.
  6. Suit yourself – Pick a type of exercise that is suited to your abilities and energy levels. If you try doing something too difficult you’re not likely to stick with it. As your fitness level improves you can add more difficulty to your routine.
  7. Make it fun – You’re much more likely to stick to an exercise routine if it’s something fun that you enjoy doing. If your program is boring or feels like a chore, you will soon start looking for excuses to quit.
  8. Don’t overdo – Make sure you don’t try to do too much right away and take it easy at first. If every muscle in your body aches the next day, you’re not likely to repeat the process and that will make it difficult to get into the habit.
  9. Take a class – Signing up for a regularly scheduled class may make it easier for you to get into an exercise routine. By the time the class is over you’ve made it part of your schedule and are less likely to quit.
  10. Join a club – Paying a gym membership or club dues may be the motivation you need to start a fitness program. You don’t want the money to be wasted so you’ll make the effort to get your money’s worth.

Getting regular exercise is not only for losing weight, it’s an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Physical fitness improves your energy levels and your overall well being. Women should exercise regularly to strengthen their bones so they are less likely to develop osteoporosis when they get older. Pick a fitness program that is suited to your individual needs and abilities, plus make sure it’s something you enjoy doing. It can take three of four weeks for a new habit to form, so stick with it at least that long to get into the exercise habit.