10 Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting

The most common solution that people use for losing weight is dieting. They try decreasing what they eat or changing what they eat, in order to decrease calorie intake. Unfortunately, dieting is usually a temporary solution that often results in eventually regaining the weight lost through dieting. Dieting is the only choice you have for losing weight. Here are ten other ways that people have found for losing weight. 

  1. Jogging – This is a simply way to lose weight which only requires a small commitment of time and the purchase of some good running shoes. Jogging provides good overall physical exercise, which will burn calories, tone muscle and help you lose weight. It can be done out of doors or inside on a treadmill.
  2. Bicycling – For some people, bike riding is a preferable means of adding exercise to their routine. Bicycling is a lower impact exercise than jogging, so is a great choice for those with back or joint pain.
  3. Aerobic exercise – Whether you follow a DVD program or join an aerobics class at a gym, this can be a great means of both burning calories and improving heart health.  Aerobic exercise programs also provide an overall fitness routine for the entire body.
  4. Add steps – Simply increasing the amount of walking that you do each day can be a great way to lose weight. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Take a walk during your lunch hour. These little calorie burners can help trim the weight without a big time commitment.
  5. Eliminate alcohol – Alcoholic beverages contain a lot of calories. Simply eliminating them from your lifestyle and replacing them with ice water has helped many lose weight.
  6. Increase water intake – By making a conscious choice to increase your water intake, you can begin losing weight very effortlessly. Drinking more water will help curb your appetite and also  provide you with a no-calorie drink with your snacks and meals.
  7. Hypnosis – There are those who offer hypnosis as a means for losing weight. This may seem like an easy way to accomplish your goal. However, there is little evidence supporting this solution as means for losing weight.
  8. Weight-loss surgery – For extreme cases of obesity, weight-loss surgery has been a means of losing weight. However, it may not be quite fair to consider this a ‘non-dieting’ form of weight loss. Instead it may be more of a means of physically forced dieting, since your intake has been limited by reducing the ‘receptacle’ size.
  9. Balanced diet – Dieting generally refers to eliminating certain foods. However, weight loss can often be achieved by simply re-balancing your diet. This is a much healthier and sustainable approach to weight loss.
  10. Sensa – This is a fairly new weight-loss program that does not require dieting. The program involves the purchase of Sensa powders that are sprinkled on your meals. These powders are intended to help curb a person’s appetite by the use of your olfactory senses (your sense of smell) so that they will eat less and thereby lose weight. It is a not a quick weight-loss program, and does not appear to be affective with all people.

The ups and downs of dieting have long been known to be ineffective in long-term weight-loss. A true life-style change that involves a healthy balanced diet and daily exercise is always the best choice.