10 Websites that Help People Dealing with Depression

Depression is not funny- it is never to be taken lightly – it is not a “Shape up – and get over it” condition, it is serious.  From mild bouts of depression, to the stage of Chronic Depression – each case needs help.

Since depression has been recognized as a disorder that can be overcome with proper medication, and attention, there are many resources for us to take advantage of.  From reading material, to web sites that specialize in how to find help for your area of depression, whether it is mild or on going.

From on-line to hotline sites, the list below will be of great value to someone looking outside the family for a solution or at least some answers.

  1. http://www.topicologist.com/ Depression is one of the most common psychological problems and can be life threatening and dangerous for the depressed person and their loved ones. Depression is caused by an imbalance of the chemicals in the brain.
  2. http://www.helpguide.org/mental/depression,  is a great source for Signs, Symptoms, Causes and Help for depression.
  3. http://www.lessons4living.com/depression.htm.  In American society so many people experience depression that it has been called the “common cold of emotional illness.”  This web site helps differentiate the normal emotion, and the intensity or frequency of depression symptoms.
  4. http://www.helpguide.org/mental/depression_tips.htm – offers self-help and coping skills.  It covers subjects like, self-help and coping skills.
  5. http://www.rehabandtreatment.com/types-of-treatment.  Certain addictions have been known to have depression as its root.  Depressive disorders affect approximately 18.8 million American adults, or almost 10% of the U.S. adult population. Other studies suggest that number may be higher, with 30% of women being depressed and at least half that many men.
  6. http://www.depression-help-for-you.com/  Often web sites on depression can be overwhelming due to all the information available.  When one in depression is looking for help, wading through all the information may cause one to give up if the answer to their question is not found readily.  This site breaks the information down a little more for you.
  7. http://www.psychologyinfo.com/depression/help.html   You should realize that these negative views are part of depression, and typically do not accurately reflect your life situation
  8. http://www.depressiontribe.com/  is a support community that is free.
  9. http://www.seroquelxr.com/major-depressive-disorder  another support community you may want to check out.
  10. http://www.1on1health.com/web/info/depression/english/home/Topic-Home  Take charge of your health one step at a time, the web site claims.  1on1health offers information to help you learn how to manage depression.

I trust this helps you get started on your journey to better mental health.