Au Pair America

10 Cool Things about Being an Au Pair in America

If the dream of traveling to America sounds too expensive and out of reach, then think again. Becoming an Au Pair in America has many benefits and can make the dream become a reality. Not only do Au Pairs receive payment for their childcare services provided to the host family, but can also receive a stipend toward furthering their education while in the United States.The following is just a brief list of why becoming an Au Pair in American is very cool:

  1. The ability to travel to the United States and explore American life. An Au Pair who comes to the United States is a member of a host family and is responsible for providing at least 45 hours of care giving services each week in exchange for payment from the host family. The remaining hours of the day or weekend are free for personal travel, entertainment, meeting new friends or experiencing the new culture.
  2. Making new friends. Being an Au Pair in the United States will open up the reality of international friendships. Learning about, as well as living, the culture first hand can provide many new opportunities to the international Au Pair.
  3. Being a part of the American culture is a great way to improve English skills and learn the language as it is spoken by the general populace. What better way to learn the language than from the people who speak it.
  4. Working with children in their home environment is a wonderful opportunity. The ability to live with and get to know the children can be a beautiful and very meaningful experience for both the host family and the Au Pair.
  5. The American Au Pair is provided the opportunity to take classes at a college. This also provides an environment for making new friends within the same age group with students who have the same interests in classes.
  6. In return for rendering childcare services to the host family, an Au Pair receives a weekly paycheck for their own personal use. This money can be saved or used as spending money to go out with friends during time off.
  7. Privacy is afforded to the Au Pair as host families are required to provide a private room. This allows personal time away from the family members.
  8. Many host families travel with their children during the year and desire the Au Pair to travel with them to assist with childcare. This gives the Au Pair additional opportunities to expand their travels to other parts of the United States or even other parts of the world.
  9. Personal time off of at least one full weekend a month is a huge benefit. An American Au Pair is given the freedom to travel, meet friends, or stay in other cities and explore American activities and landmarks as they wish.
  10. Many lifelong bonds have been created with the host families and the friends made during the Au Pair’s year-long service. A Visa extension can be requested if the Au Pair and host family would wish to lengthen the initial 12 month period.

The Exchange Visitor Non-Immigrant Visa (J-1 Visa) is the visa which permits the opportunity of an Au Pair to come to America under a work-study exchange program and to become a valued member of a host family for a period of at least one year. Becoming an Au Pair in America can make dreams come true.