Au Pair Job

10 Typical Duties of an Au Pair

An au pair is someone from a foreign country who stays with a host family for a cultural exchange/childcare work experience. Yet, responsibilities may not be limited to childcare. While duties vary depending on the age of the children and the needs of the host family, ten typical duties of an au pair include:

  1. Caring for Children and Keeping Them Safe: An au pair typically has a large role in childcare, including watching the host family’s children and ensuring their safety.
  2. Preparing Meals and Snacks for the Children: Just as a parent would, an au pair is often responsible for providing breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, as well as preparing school lunches for older children.
  3. Aiding in the Children’s Morning Routine: Bathing and dressing younger children and waking and providing assistance to older children is a part of the occupation. Au pairs are usually charged with getting the children ready for school and activities.
  4. School Help: School-related duties may include taking the children to school, attending school activities, and helping them with their homework.
  5. Entertaining the Children: This is an essential part of childcare. Au pairs must keep the children mentally stimulated and entertained. Many parents like the au pair to share information about his or her own culture with the children or provide assistance in language learning.
  6. Managing Children’s Activities: Whether it’s soccer games, play groups, school clubs, or fun outings, an au pair is responsible for the planning, transportation, and details.
  7. Traveling: A perk of an au pair position is being asked to accompany families on vacations and trips in order to care for the children. The au pair may be responsible for helping the children to pack and planning activities to keep them entertained during the vacation.
  8. Light Housekeeping: Most host families expect the au pair to keep the children’s rooms clean, do the children’s laundry, do dishes, clean-up after meals, pick-up around the home, care for pets, and clean up any messes made by the children.
  9. Errands: Sometimes the host family will rely on the au pair for errands such as grocery shopping, taking children to appointments, and other basic duties.
  10. Availability: Parents who hire au pairs typically have busy schedules and the au pair may be expected to pick a child up from school or stay home and care for them due to illness. During certain school holidays the au pair tends to be responsible for watching the children.

Au pairs play a unique role in the family dynamics. They live with the family and care for the children, all while having the opportunity to explore another culture. By reaching an agreement concerning an au pair’s duties at the start of employment, the experience can be enjoyable for everyone involved.