Au Pair Jobs

10 Great Ways to Find Au Pair Jobs

Options of childcare over the years have changed dramatically, where parents are no longer limited to putting their children in daycare facilities or leaving them with a babysitter. Today, more parents are seeking alternate methods such as an Au Pair. For those interested, how does one become an Au Pair?
  1. Determine if you want to become an International Au Pair – This can be a great option for the individual that wants to experience a new culture for a specified length of time.
  2. Online agency – May involve a cost to it, but if you are interested in leaving the states, it would be a great idea to go through a reputable agency. Going through a third party will ensure your safety as well as providing you with a list of prospective host families that have the specifications you are looking for to embark on a new career.
  3. Search free websites – For the person that has decided that they want to stay within their state. These websites will provide you with other contacts and information regarding Au Pair positions so that you are able to do your own research before you commit to a particular family.
  4. Referrals – A very popular and most effective method in terms of receiving quality, whether you are the host family, or the individual looking for the job. You are almost guaranteed that you and the family will be happy with the arrangement.
  5. Networking at social functions – Who you know can help you get where you want to be. Interacting with different people about particular subject matter will lend you information that you did not previously know, that may end up in a lead, or possibly a job.
  6. Determine what you are willing to do as part of the job description – Set your limits as to what duties you accept as part of the job. This will make things a lot easier in your search.
  7. Look for ads in the newspaper – These are generally specific guidelines and expectations as to what the family is looking for in an Au Pair.
  8. Put in an ad yourself –You are establishing the guidelines as to what you are looking for in a family. Those that respond know where you stand and are interested in learning more.
  9. Interview a host family – Even though they may already have someone in the position, they may know others that are looking for an Au Pair.
  10. Interview Au Pairs – People in the positions you are looking to get into may have a lot of valuable insight as to how you can become one of them.

Working as an Au Pair can be a very rewarding job that can lead into a career. The most important aspect to keep in mind is choosing the right family that will agree with your personality and beliefs. When you become an Au Pair, not only are you caring for the children, but are considered as a member of the family.