Au Pair Responsibilities

10 Critical Responsibilities for an Au Pair

An au pair, usually from another country, lives in your home and cares for your children. The competent au pair will integrate into your family and also help with light housekeeping duties. She will need several critical responsibilities to succeed in her transition from a stranger to a trusted caretaker of your children.

  • First, your au pair needs to be able to watch your children and ensure they are safe. Depending on the ages of your children, this will involve different tasks. She will stay with babies while they are awake to protect them. She will monitor the whereabouts of toddlers closely. While school-aged children will have more freedom, she will also keep close tabs on them as well.
  • Second, your au pair needs to prepare food and cook for your children. For infants, she will need to warm formula several times a day. For toddlers, she will need to prepare appropriate foods and help with feedings. For school-aged children, she will need to offer snack suggestions and serve and supervise eating.
  • Third, she will need to bath infants, diaper and dress them appropriately for the weather, especially if they plan to go on an outing. She will also need to assist toddlers with dressing and help older children choose their clothing.
  • Fourth, she will need to drive children on errands, appointments or to school. As such, she will need to have a clean driving record free of moving violations.
  • Fifth, she will need to play and interact with infants and babies. She should also be able to play games with school-aged children, take them to the park and help them with homework.
  • Sixth, she should demonstrate love and affection for your children, no matter their ages.
  • Seventh, she will need to be able to communicate effectively with you as her employer. She should also be able to interact with the children comfortably.
  • Eighth, she will need to demonstrate responsibility. You will want to know you can depend on your au pair for daily tasks or when an emergency arises.
  • Ninth, she needs to possess solid organizational skills so she can plan her day and effectively fulfill her au pair duties.
  • Tenth, she needs to be able to discipline the children firmly, yet with compassion. The children must respect her and respond to her instruction.

Variables such as personality and temperment can have a bearing on the au pair’s acclamation to your home. But these 10 critical responsibilities will help ensure that your au pair is a success in your home as she assists your family with their day-to-day needs.