Au Pair Resume

10 Tips for an Effective Au Pair Resume

Oftentimes, a resume is the first glimpse that a family gets of an au pair applying for a position in their home. The following are ten tips that will help an au pair to write an effective, appealing resume.

  1. Make a list of all au pair experience. A family who is reviewing resumes will be looking for details such as names and phone numbers of previous employers as well as why an au pair left a position.
  2. Include information on volunteer experiences with children. An au pair who volunteers with children is displaying a genuine desire to work with them.
  3. List any health and safety classes taken. An au pair with CPR and first aid training will be more appealing in the eyes of parents than one without any training.
  4. Include years of schooling as well as educational aspirations. An au pair who is a high school graduate should write that on her resume. Also, if she is planning to go to college to become an elementary teacher she should note that on her resume as well.
  5. Be sure to include personal references from former teachers, supervisors, and long-time friends. Parents who hire an au pair to be alone with their children will want to know the character of the person.
  6. Include special skills such as knowledge of foreign languages or talent with a musical instrument. Many parents look for au pairs with special talents who can pass along some of this knowledge to their children.
  7. List favorite activities to do with kids. This section of a resume gives parents an idea of an au pair’s personality. For example, if she says she likes riding bikes and playing sports games with kids, the parents may see her as an au pair who likes spending time outdoors. Alternatively, if an au pair lists reading aloud and playing board games with children, they may look at her as an au pair who likes to spend quiet time with kids.
  8. Make a point of having a flexible schedule. Parents will appreciate an au pair who has an open schedule and plenty of time for their children. An au pair with a rigid schedule may not be as appealing.
  9. Willing to travel? An au pair who is free to travel with a family on vacations or short trips may be more favorable than other au pair candidates. However, an au pair should tell a family if she isn’t able to travel with them.
  10. Explain the choice to become an au pair. Parents will want to know why an individual got into this field of work. An au pair should be specific about her reasons. Obviously, she likes children, but what qualities does she like about them?

Finally, an effective resume will prompt parents to want to learn more about the au pair and her thoughts on caretaking. An impressive resume has the power to help an au pair get her foot in the door.