Au Pair Room

Why Your Au Pair Needs a Private Room

When you choose to bring an Au Pair into your home, you must adequately accommodate her. Providing a trusting, safe environment, as well as food and other necessities are only a few ways to accommodate your Au Pair. Perhaps one of the most beneficial and important accommodations for your Au Pair is providing a private room.

  1. Privacy - Au Pairs need privacy. From changing clothes to getting ready for bed, your Au Pair will feel more comfortable if she has a place to do these things in private.
  2. Comfort - Your Au Pair may not feel comfortable in your home at first. Providing her with a private bedroom allows her to relax when work is over or when everyone is in bed for the night.
  3. Off-Time - When your Au Pair has a day off, she needs a place to relax and spend her time if she does not plan on going out. Providing your Au Pair with a private room allows her to spend her off-time how she wishes.
  4. Personal Interests - Your Au Pair may not have the same interests or hobbies as your family. A private room allows her to participate in her hobbies or partake in her interests without feeling uncomfortable around the family.
  5. Study time - Some Au Pairs choose to go to school during their stay. A private room gives your Au Pair the perfect place to study for classes and tests without interruption.
  6. Sick days - People get sick. Au Pairs are no exception. If your Au Pair gets sick, she may not want to be around people and you may not want her around your children if she is contagious. A private room allows your Au Pair to feel comfortable while she is sick and also provides her with the peace and quiet she needs to get better.
  7. Part of the Family - Providing a private room for your Au Pair is like providing your children with their own bedrooms. When you take the time to make a place for your Au Pair in your home, it helps her feel like she is part of the family.
  8. Writing Letters and Calling Home - During your Au Pairs off-time, calling home and writing letters might be top priority. Private rooms allow your Au Pair to have personal discussions or write letters without feeling as though everyone is listening or watching.
  9. Proper Sleep - In order to properly function, your Au Pair needs the proper amount of sleep. Providing a private room allows her to get the sleep she needs so she can help your family.
  10. Respect - You want your Au Pair to feel as though she is part of the family. If you were to simply put your Au Pair on the couch in your living room, she would feel as though you did not care and would take this as a sign of disrespect.

Providing for your Au Pair means more than simply giving her food and a roof over her head. Giving her a space to call her own shows her that she means more and is considered more than simply hired help.