Au Pair Services

10 Types of Services that Help Au Pairs Find a Job

When an au pair needs to find a job, it can be difficult to locate the perfect situation. However, there are 10 types of services that help au pairs find a job. Using these services should make the employment search easier and quicker.

  1. Register with an au pair agency. Since au pair agencies specialize in this business, au pairs can be assured they will find work. These agencies typically help with reference checks and help find suitable families. They also help with contracts.
  2. Work with a host family finder agency. These agencies specialize in finding host families who need the services of au pairs. Then, they work to match au pairs with the appropriate families. Host family finders usually work internationally to find international positions.
  3. Job boards are great services that can help au pairs find jobs. Some families post their wanted ads for such services on job boards. On the other hand, au pairs can advertise their services there, too. Au pairs should be cautious and only use legitimate job boards.
  4. Au pairs should read parent discussion boards online to find parents who may be in need of their services. They can then post messages to the parents about the work they can provide. Au pairs may have to register beforehand to use the discussion boards, but registration is usually free.
  5. Internet classified ads can be another great help for au pairs to use to find a placement. Since people from countries all over the world can place their ads on the Internet, au pairs can choose to work in just about any country they choose.
  6. Au pairs can register with screening services. A screening service will screen an au pair and conduct a background check on her. If an au pair will go through this process first, it will enhance her resume and make the job search go faster.
  7. There are some online databases that match au pairs to host families. While all of the databases are not free, they do work. They may be worth the cost.
  8. Another option is for au pairs to contact other au pairs they know who are already working with host families. They may know of other available situations.
  9. Posting an online profile is a great way for au pairs to get the word out that they are available for work. Au pairs should advertise their services in as many forums as possible.
  10. Another helpful service is for au pairs to contact schools directly to see if they can advertise their services where parents are sure to see them. If the school approves, this direct approach may work best.

Au pairs need to take advantage of all of the services available to them to help them in their employment searches. There is no need for them to use one service at a time. Using as many services as possible can speed up the time it takes to find a great host family.