10 Examples of Fast Food in Other Countries

Often we hear that other countries don’t have the quantity of fast food restaurants that the United States does, but one look will tell you those numbers are growing.  The number of restaurants isn’t the only thing expanding though, by the looks of some of the menu offerings in other countries I’m pretty sure their waistlines are steadily increasing too.  See if any of these items that are available in various parts of the world look like something you’d like to see make it to the U.S.

  1. Camembert fried cheese nuggets: These look yummy, I must say, but I think they would be cost prohibitive in the U.S.  These gooey cheesy wonders are only available in France, which has the most McDonalds franchises of any country, other than the United States of course.  To make a go of it there McDonalds had to really think about how the French like to eat.  They don’t rush through a meal so there is a lot more seating so people can linger over their meal.  They have a McCafe attached to the main restaurants for enjoying coffee and sweets, and just hanging out like in a coffee shop.  Oh, and feel free to order a beer to go with your cheese nuggets because McDonalds serves beer in France.
  2. Double Prosperity Burger: This is either two chicken breasts (not breaded or fried) or two beef patties in an oval shape served on a hoagie type bun.  They are dripping in a pepper sauce and have raw onions on the top.  Their big push was to eat this in Malaysia during the Chinese New Year.
  3. Beef Tortilla Pentagon: This interesting item is brought to you by KFC and only served in China.  Explain to me why KFC, an American chicken place, is serving ground beef wrapped in a tortilla to form a pentagon shape?  It seems like they channeled a little Taco Bell with this food creation.
  4. Spicy Chili Cheeseburger: Can you guess who might serve a burger with chili on it?  Yep, it’s Wendy’s.  This concoction of 2 single patties, cheese, lettuce, onion, chili and jalapenos is available to order in Japan.  You can probably envision an offering like this here in the States, but what about a foie gras burger?  It costs $16 U.S. dollars and it’s a burger with duck on it.
  5. Meat Monster: Burger King must be trying to kill off Japanese people from the inside out.  They are serving a sandwich made up of 2 burgers, 1 chicken breast, cheese, bacon, and toppings.  This amongst others is a heart attack on a bun.  They also had their Windows 7 Whopper that had 7 patties on the bun.  That is not a typo, I said 7.  I guess you could feed a family of four with just one burger.
  6. Trio Poutine: Do you want some fries with that?  Or maybe some fries smothered with cheese curds and gravy instead.  This side dish is available from McDonalds in Canada.  Other Canadian offerings look very similar to their United States counterpart.
  7. Mini Corndog crust pizza: Yep, just like it sounds, instead of the crust being stuffed with cheese the whole edge of the pizza is made up of little crust encased hot dogs and then the center has pizza toppings.  Pizza Hut is the creator of this gem and it’s served for your dining pleasure in Japan.   
  8. Hash brown burger: Jollibee’s is the Philippine’s answer to American fast food restaurants.  They offer an interesting menu where most things are served with a big scoop of rice instead of French fries.  I could see the hash brown burger being made in the U.S. if we wanted.  All you need to do is take two hash browns, a little bigger and squarer than what McDonald’s serves with breakfast, and treat them like the bun.  Top that with a burger and toppings and you have a hash brown burger.
  9. Hamburger topped with fried egg: This burger comes with black beans, rice or French fries on the side and is the signature dish of a place call Giraffas in Brazil.  The cost is about $6.50 USD.  It is not acceptable to eat food with your hands in Brazil so Giraffas was the first fast food place to serve their meals with steel knives and forks.  They also serve the food on regular plates if people are dining in.  Just another way that places adapt to fit in with local preferences.
  10. Blini filled with red caviar or salmon roe:  In Russia, Teremok is the place to go and serves lots of fast food dishes, but the filled blini is their signature dish and costs about $8.30 USD.  A blini is a triangular shaped wheat pancake that is wrapped around a filling.  Other things like soup and porridge are on the menu as well, but the favorite is the blini.


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