10 Great Recipes for Teaching Kids to Cook

With all the ready made foods available in stores and fast food restaurants on every corner, kids could grow to adults without ever having to learn how to cook anything. This would be unfortunate because learning how to prepare food is a great educational experience for children. They learn how to measure ingredients, watch timers and get to enjoy the finished product. Cooking can give kids a wonderful sense of accomplishment that they can build on as they grow. Here are 10 great recipes for teaching kids to cook.

  1. Popovers – I have great memories of making popovers with my mother and grandmother. This recipe is great for kids because there are very few ingredients and they love to watch the little cups of batter expand into light airy treats. The best part is eating them with melted butter right out of the oven.
  2. Brownies – Another simple recipe for a treat that kids love is brownies. Of course you can buy them premixed, but there are few ingredients and they’re easy to prepare. Brownies are a quick and easy way to teach kids cooking basics.
  3. Rice Krispie bars – With only four basic ingredients, what could be simpler than making Rice Krispie bars? There’s no baking and kids love to eat them! No childhood would be complete without learning how to make this quick and easy snack.
  4. Sugar cookies – Kids love making sugar cookies. The recipe for the dough is pretty basic and children of all ages like rolling it out and using cookie cutters of all shapes and sizes. A Christmas cookie standard, sugar cookies are great for any holiday or occasion. Food coloring and any number of other decorations can be applied to encourage creativity and make cooking fun.
  5. Chocolate chip cookies – Every kid should learn how to make chocolate chip cookies. There are several varieties you can purchase in a store, but nothing compares to the ones made from scratch and baked at home. Children who learn how to make their own cookies will be the envy of the neighborhood.
  6. Snack mix – There are any number of quick and easy snack mix recipes that kids can learn to make. Most of them don’t require any cooking, or can be done in a microwave. Let kids experiment with a variety of ingredients to come up with the perfect healthy after school snack.
  7. Muffins – Whether for breakfast, lunch or a snack, muffins are a great way to teach kids how to cook. The varieties are endless for kids to enjoy any time of day. They love filling the individual cups in the muffin tins and watching them bake.
  8. Cupcakes – Of course cupcakes are a delight for kids just learning how to cook. They can start by using a cake mix and graduate to making them from scratch. The funnest part is frosting them after they’re cooled and adding sprinkles for a special touch.
  9. No-bake cookies – What better snack for a hot summer day than no-bake cookies? There are few ingredients and kids love the idea of “baking” them in the refrigerator. Just drop spoonfuls on waxed paper and you’ll have a chocolaty oatmeal treat in no time.
  10. Pumpkin bars – The recipe for pumpkin bars is great for kids because it’s so simple. All the ingredients are in even cup or teaspoon measurements so there aren’t any fractions to deal with. Top with cream cheese frosting and you’ve got a moist and yummy dessert or snack.

When teaching kids to cook it’s important to keep ingredients to a minimum. Starting with simple recipes will increase your chances for success and prevent children from getting overwhelmed. Let them do as much as they can themselves and avoid helping too much unless you’re asked. Don’t worry if it doesn’t turn out perfect the first time. It’s important to teach kids that cooking is a learning experience and mistakes are part of the process. Kids will appreciate their snacks more if they learn to make them and will give them a great sense of pride to be able to treat their friends.

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