10 of the Best iPhone Apps for Finding Quick and Easy Recipes

With so many recipe apps available for the iPhone, it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed by all of the choices. If you are looking for quick and easy recipes, though, some apps are definitely more suited to your needs than others. These 10 apps will help you find delicious yet easy to create recipes that won’t see you spending the entire day in the kitchen or scouring the city for obscure ingredients.

  • Allrecipes.com Dinner Spinner – This free app takes all the hassle out of searching for recipes. You can either enter your favorite ingredients to find simple recipes, or shake your iPhone to deliver random recipes to try. Dinner Spinner is also an ingredient scanner, which means you can scan packs to add your favorite ingredients and return recipe search results that are unique to your tastes.
  • How to Cook Everything Essentials – From acclaimed chef Mark Bittman and based on the book of the same name, How to Cook Everything is a free app that will take you through every stage of creating simple, everyday recipes. There are over 100 recipes to choose from, with a number of variations provided for each dish. Quick shopping guides, built-in timers and a number of simple tutorials make this a must-have recipe app for your iPhone.
  • Ucook – With over 60,000 recipes, it is easy to imagine that this free app is not going to provide a quick reference guide. However, with Ucook you can search for recipes by course, region, prep time or equipment available, meaning you only get the results that you need. If you don’t have a particular ingredient on hand, the “On Sale” feature will help you find it from local grocery stores.
  • iFood Assistant by KRAFT – If food shopping is a pain for you, then this free app from KRAFT is just what you need. iFood assistant will not only find a store with the ingredients you want, the app will also direct you to the right aisle in the store. There are three function types for sourcing your ingredients – typing, scanning barcodes or by voice – and there are thousands of recipes ideas available, covering breakfast, lunch, dinner and even quick snacks.
  • Healthy Recipes – Eating healthily has never been easier than with this free app. Meals are categorized according to dinners, salads and side dishes, with thousands of recipes available for you to try. If you are pushed for time or have limited ingredients, Healthy Recipes has quick meals and five-ingredients features, too. You can edit all recipes however you want, allowing you to create a completely customizable database of great, healthy recipes.
  • BigOven 250,000+ – This app is an all-in-one recipe database and kitchen organizer. You can access over 250,000 easy to make recipes, edit and save pre-existing recipes, as well as create your own. Make a shopping list, which you can use to keep track of essential ingredients for your kitchen. There is also a drag-and-drop calendar, so you can easily plan your meals in advance to save even more time.
  • 5000+ Cooking Recipes – A free app designed with speed and simplicity in mind, 5000+ Cooking Recipes makes cooking a breeze. Still, that’s not to say that the recipes will leave you feeling unfulfilled. 5000+ Cooking Recipes covers every course, from appetizers to main courses, as well as healthy options and recipes suitable for sufferers of diabetes.
  • Nutrino – By matching recipes to your lifestyle and habits, Nutrino acts as a virtual nutritionist on your iPhone. You can keep track of your carbs, protein and fat intake without worrying about missing out on great meals. This intuitive free app will adapt to your eating habits, suggesting new recipes based on your past nutritional intake. With more features being added every day, Nutrino is set to take the recipe app market by storm.
  • Easy Recipes – If you are looking for easy recipes, then look no further than the app with the same name. Easy Recipes has an intuitive interface that makes it easy for users to find, follow and complete recipes. All recipes are accessible offline, so you won’t get caught up if you lose cell reception, either.
  • Meal Planning and Grocery List – Although this app does not have built in recipes, it has a number of other features that make it worth downloading in order to save time in the kitchen. Search for budget meals in stores near you, import recipes from popular sites and create custom grocery lists across multiple stores. Meal Planning and Grocery List is a free app, which has been featured both on the Oprah Winfrey show and in Parents Magazine.
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