10 Special Benefits Nannies Would Like from Their Families

Families that employee nannies have a lot of flexibility on what benefits they provide to them. Most families do offer some of the same standard benefits that anyone would expect at a full time job, but every nanny also has the option of requesting benefits when negotiating her contract. Here are ten benefits that nannies say they would like from their families.

  1. Cell phone – Providing a cell phone for use that is included in the family’s cell plan is a nice perk and one that makes a lot of sense for the parents. They’ll want their nanny to have a cell phone whenever she is out of the house with the children. Prior to cell phones, asking for a phone extension in their living quarters may have replaced this current benefit.
  2. Vehicle – Providing a vehicle and insurance is one benefit many nannies would like from their families, especially if she is expected to do chauffeuring of the children to lessons and other activities.
  3. Holiday travel – This benefit is certainly not a ‘must have,’ but it is one that many families have provided to nannies who are working a long distance away from family. A plane ticket to fly home for Christmas or the 4th of July has always been a great benefit to offer.
  4. Health and Dental – Nannies need insurance coverage just like the rest of us. A good insurance plan with at least half the premium paid by the family is very important benefit.
  5. Paid vacation time – Providing paid time off during a year of employment is a very customary benefit at almost any job, and most nannies will expect this as a benefit in their contract.
  6. Paid sick time – This is another wise benefit for families to offer. If your nanny is ill, the last thing you will want is to have her feel she needs to share her germs with your children in order to avoid a deduction from her pay.
  7. Educational benefits – Offering to pay for child development classes or other educational opportunities related to your nannies profession or advancement can be prized benefit for some nannies.
  8. Professional membership – Paying the membership fee for your nanny to join professional organizations for nannies is another small perk that nannies have appreciated from their employers.
  9. Overtime pay – Providing and paying for extra hours beyond the weekly agreed total at a higher rate of pay is another benefit that nannies appreciate, when employers include it in their contract offer.
  10. Holiday pay – Paid holidays is one benefit nannies may request, and extra bonus pay for working on a holiday is another that nannies appreciate.

A nanny can often become part of the family in many ways, but it is always important to remember that she is an employee, too.

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