20 Super Bowl Recipes From Foodie Bloggers

The big game is fast approaching and you need some knock out food for the armchair quarterbacks in your life. Whether you have just a few people coming over for the game or you’re throwing a huge party, these recipes will help you score a touchdown. From wings to chili, these 20 blog entries will make sure that you are the MVP of your party!


Super bowl watching parties are almost as much about the food as they are about the game.  What kind of game would it be if you just put out some pretzels and a bag of chips?  You need to up the ante by serving one of the recipes found on these five blog posts.

Main Course

When you think Super Bowl food, what comes to mind? Is it chili, pizza or something else? These five bloggers have some recipes for dishes that you expect and some that you might not.  With everyone is trying to eat a little healthier, you might want to try one of the healthy options.


You may be wondering why you need both appetizers and snacks, but they are two different things.  Appetizers are something that your crew can nosh on when they first arrive and the game hasn’t really started yet.  Snacks, however, will be out so that people can snack on them throughout the entire game.


There is never an event that doesn’t need some dessert.  Making these desserts portable will make them easier for game watchers to enjoy without missing a play.

  • Cherry Pie Bars Eating a piece of cherry pie with a fork isn’t necessarily easy to do while watching the big game, which is why these cherry pie bars are perfect – they give you the best of both worlds.
  • Pretzel S’mores It might not be possible to eat S’mores for every occasion, but these little babies will make it a whole lot easier to try.
  • Tops 10 Desserts for Your Super Bowl Party There’s a healthy Cookie Dough Dip listed on this blog, ‘nuff said.
  • Super Bowl Cake Pops Not only are these desserts portable, but they are gluten-free for those people who have food sensitivities.
  • Bite-Size Super Bowl Desserts Tiny treats that are as easy to eat as they are too hold.  A cheesecake bar instead of a big piece of cheesecake and others can be found on this blog.
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