24 Blogs Spotlighting Recipes to Use up All of Your Rhubarb

Spring has finally sprung in most areas of the country, and the rhubarb stalks are growing. While rhubarb is actually a vegetable that is related to buckwheat, a 1947 court ruled that it be considered a fruit. Many people enjoy rhubarb cooked with sugar and added into some sort of a dessert, but there are myriad ways you can enjoy this interesting produce. These 24 blog entries spotlight rhubarb in a variety of sweet and savory dishes and drinks.


To start your day off with a healthy dose of calcium, bake some breads or muffins that incorporate rhubarb. That’s right; rhubarb is a non-dairy source of calcium that can be enjoyed by those that are lactose intolerant.  For some tasty recipes, take a look at these six blog posts.


If you enjoy drinks that are a little more tart in flavor, you might enjoy one of these rhubarb-infused drinks.  Whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic, these rhubarb drinks are sure to make your gathering unique.  Check out these six blog articles for rhubarb drink recipes.

Savory Dishes

Rhubarb is not typically associated with savory dishes, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use it for them.  These six blog entries will provide you with recipes for main course dishes that use rhubarb.


Nicknamed pie-plant, rhubarb typically stars in desserts. Because rhubarb is very tart, it usually requires a lot of sugar to make it sweet enough for a dessert.  If you are trying to reduce the amount of sugar in your diet, you might try using a sugar substitute, honey or maple syrup to sweeten the dishes in these six blog posts.

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