25 Blogs with Ideas to Help You Throw the Perfect Rainbow Party for Your Toddler

There are so many colorful party accessories out there that sometimes it’s hard to choose which ones will be the best fit for your particular event.  Why decide at all?  Instead of having one primary color, have a rainbow party and include many different colors.  You can make party popper invitations to spring on your friends.  Gather up the kids to help you create rainbow themed decorations for the party.  Get creative and choose foods that will fit into the rainbow theme.  If you need some help, these blogs have some clever ideas.  Prep some rainbow activities for the kids to enjoy at the party.  These can be planned and prepped several weeks before the party.  Finish up by pulling together the best favor bag.  To help you with these tasks, here are 25 blog articles complete with colorful pictures just for you.


Find out how to make a confetti popper party invitation or print out your own colorful creation.  Change up your font colors to reinforce the rainbow idea.  Allow your child to color a rainbow and then make color copies to send to your guests.  The possibilities are endless, but these five bloggers will steer you in the right direction.


You can literally go crazy with rainbow decorations.  Hang rainbow tissue streamers from the ceiling as a back drop to your dessert table.  Create fluffy tissue paper flowers to hang over the food table.  Pull out all the stops and make your own balloon banner to welcome your guests.  Check out these ideas on the following five blog posts.


Think about all the food that comes in a variety of colors.  You can create fruit kabobs and reinforce the rainbow effect by laying them in an arch on the serving platter.  Make your own rainbow cake or colorful rainbow Jell-O cubes.  Use your food to make the food table pop with color and reinforce the theme.  For more ideas on what kinds of food you could serve at your rainbow party, check out these five blog entries.


Looking for fun rainbow activities to do at your toddler’s party?  You’ve come to the right place.  These bloggers have come up with all sorts of craft projects and games that will keep the kids busy for quite a while.  Keep in mind that toddlers have incredibly short attention spans, so you might need to plan more activities than you think.  How about letting them create a sand rainbow in a jar that they can take home?  Find these ideas and more in the next five blog articles.

Party Favors

Don’t forget to plan some clever favors to send home with the kids.  There’s a plethora of kid sized toys in rainbow colors available on the market that you could tuck into a clever favor bag.  Why not create personalized pillow cases for each child and use that as the favor bag?  The kids will actually get to use something from the party long after it’s over and the parents will love it!  Check out this idea and others, including unique geometric favor boxes that can be found on these five blog posts.

After reading all of these blog posts, you probably have a million ideas rolling around in your head for your toddler’s next party.  Grab some paper and start planning!

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