28 Blogs Featuring Tasty Recipes Made with Quinoa

Quinoa is a grain that is gluten-free, is full of easily digestible protein and is loaded with fiber. It also can be easily swapped in place rice and cooks in minutes. Many people think of quinoa as only a side dish, but these 28 blogs include recipes for salads, sides, main dishes and even desserts using this amazing food. Take a look at these 28 blog entries for quinoa recipes to try.


Quinoa is available in tricolor, black or white and makes an attractive salad worthy of serving to company or taking to a potluck.  These seven blog posts include recipes that range from being packed with fruit to full of roasted veggies. Add in some lean grilled chicken or seafood to these salads and you have a healthy meal for the family that everyone is sure to enjoy!

Side Dishes

Like rice, quinoa works well as a side dish to most proteins, but it can also be so much more.  You can add in an array of different flavors to the dish, from dried fruits to fresh veggies to roasted nuts. Quinoa also takes on the flavor of the dressing or other liquid you cook it in, giving you the freedom to create unique flavor profiles. You’ll find a variety of side dishes made with quinoa in the next seven blog entries.

Main Dish

The next time you make a casserole, sub out the traditional rice for quinoa instead. This simple substitution will give you a dish that is not only filling, but one that is also highly nutritious. In addition, you can use quinoa to make a dish gluten-free, to form meatballs or to form layers in lasagna. These seven blog articles will explain how to put several quinoa-themed recipes together.


It may sound strange, but quinoa can be used in desserts.  The hearty grain gives body to cakes, brownies and other desserts, and can be served warm or cold as a pudding. Desserts filled with quinoa are rich and rib sticking, not to mention healthy – and who doesn’t want a dessert that’s both tasty and healthy? Check out these seven blog posts to see if there’s a recipe that would work for dessert tonight.

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