30 Blogs Featuring Cheese Recipes for Your Spring Celebrations

Did you know that there is an entire month dedicated to celebrating cheese and a day reserved for honoring the grilled cheese sandwich?  Well there is, and it’s time to celebrate CHEESE! Cheese can be used in everything from appetizers to main dishes to desserts, and these 30 blog entries are chock full of recipes for anything and everything cheese-related.


Fancy grilled cheese sandwiches cut up into sticks are fast becoming a favorite party appetizer, and using gourmet cheese and special add-ins like lobster take this comfort food to an even more decadent level. Other cheesy appetizers include cheese puffs and pimiento cheese and crackers.  For these and other recipes check out these six blog posts.

Finger Foods

Party food is typically synonymous with finger food, largely due to the convenience of being able to forgo a plate and fork in favor of grabbing a bite here and there. These finger foods are a little on the heavier side, so you could serve them as heavy hors d’oeuvres and not worry about a main dish.  The spaghetti and meatball pasta cups are sure to be a hit at your next party, as are any of the tasty treats listed on the following six blog articles.

Side Dishes

These side dishes will work whether you’re at a party, a potluck or dinner at the folks’.  Try some blue cheese dressing on a celery salad or some baked orzo.  Cheese is the ultimate comfort food, especially when it’s warm and gooey.  Top off your pasta, your vegetables or your salad with a little cheese for dinner tonight, or try one of these spectacular recipes.

Main Dishes

The versatility of cheese makes it perfect for any meal, whether you’re serving it up with eggs for breakfast or making pizza for dinner. The next six blog articles are full of cheesy recipes, covering everything from brunches to dinners. Read on to see if any of these main dishes will make it onto your dinner table or to your next party.


Cream cheese can go sweet or savory, and while it’s not exactly cheese, for party purposes it can be!  Did you think grilled cheese was solely for lunch or dinner? Well, you’d be wrong! It’s made its way to the dessert category.  Just one look at this yummy recipe and you’ll see why.  How about an old fashioned sour cream chocolate cake with cream cheese peanut butter frosting?  Is your mouth watering yet?  Finish off the party by sending some fudge made with Velveeta cheese home with your guests; they’ll never even know! So take a gander at these sweet endings and pick one to try out on your family soon.

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