30 Blogs with Winning Christmas Desserts

Christmas time often means getting together with friends and family, and one of the focal points of these get-togethers is often the many different delicious desserts the season brings. These 30 bloggers have come up with several creative desserts, no matter what your preferences or dietary restrictions are.  Check them out.


Rich and decadent chocolate desserts are true show stoppers.  To bless your family with these delectable treats, read on to see what these five bloggers have come up with.

Fruit Inspired

If you’d like a dessert that’s on the lighter side, you might be thinking that something with fruit would be a good choice.  These five bloggers have provided some fruit inspired Christmas desserts that are special enough to be served at Christmas.

Dairy Free

People who follow a dairy-free diet are often unable to partake in a lot of desserts during the holidays.  These five blog posts have come up with dairy-free treats that allow everyone to enjoy some tasty seasonal specialties for Christmas.

Nut Free

Nut allergies are a growing concern, and with so many people suffering from them it’s ideal to have nut-free dessert options available. Here are five blog entries that will give you some nut-free dessert options for anyone who might suffer from a nut allergy that might be at your holiday celebrations.

Bite Sized

Bite-sized treats allow your guests to enjoy a little bit of everything without going completely overboard. These five bloggers have posted some tasty morsels to make for your next event.

Around the World

Maybe you’d like to introduce your kids to a recipe from the country of their ancestors, or perhaps you want to treat your grandma to a dish from her home country.  You may just want to make something different; whatever the underlying reason, if you’re looking for an internationally inspired treat, then you should check out these five blog entries that will give you dessert recipes from around the world.

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One Response to “30 Blogs with Winning Christmas Desserts”

  1. December 25, 2012 at 4:42 pm, Evelyn said:

    Fantastic recipes!! I love that you’ve included such a wide variety for all the different taste and dietary needs out there. Thank you!