Think Outside the Envelope for Your Next Party Invitation

Invitations have the ability to set the mood for the party to come.  A quick message over the Internet can tell guests that the party is going to be pretty casual and last minute.  On the other hand, large, formal envelopes on heavy stationary with fancy script indicate a much more formal event.  And while there are tons of really cute and stylish invitations on the market, they don’t really set your party apart from anyone else’s.  If you want your guests to say, “Wow!” when they open your invite, then they need to unique.  With invitations like these they won’t think of missing the party.

Message in a bottle

This invitation will work for quite a few different themes.  For a pirate themed party you can make the invitation look like a treasure map with “X” marking the spot of where the party will be held.  Roll up the map and put it inside the bottle.  Print a label on your home printer and stick it on the bottle.  The post office will deliver almost anything as long as it has the correct postage on it.  Otherwise these can be hand delivered.  Another party theme that the bottle works for is a beach party.  Include some sand in the bottom of the bottle and a few sea shells too.  Cut out a star fish and print the party details on the star fish before curling it up and sticking it inside the bottle.  For a New Year’s Eve party you can turn the bottle into a champagne bottle and include some fun trinkets to ring in the New Year inside the bottle.

Mailbox invitation

Anything can go into a small paper or metal mailbox.  For a Valentine’s Day party include several hearts inside the mailbox and have each give a detail about the party.  A mailbox would also work well for a housewarming party since, with the new move, the guests of honor will be getting a new mailbox.

Tea pot

This invitation is appropriate for both kids and adults.  Find a template and cut out a tea pot.  Cut the lid off and attach a string.  On the other end of the string attach a tea bag.  The invitation can read, “Come for a Tea-riffic time at our tea party”.  Another tea party one could be to hand deliver actual cups and saucers to your guests and inside the cup have the party details on a piece of paper shaped like a tea bag.

Princess box

Buy a bunch of white boxes with lids.  In each box include tissue paper, crinkle paper, or tulle, and then place a tiara on top.  Put your party details on the lid of the box.  Include something clever telling your guests to wear the tiara to the party.

Shoe invitation

There are many ways to take this invitation.  For a pool party write the party information on a flip flop and mail or deliver it to your guests.  For fun you can tell the guests to bring their invitation to the party where they will find their ‘mate’ and team up for a game.  This works well for a singles mixer as well.  For a Wizard of Oz party you could send a red glittery shoe to your guests and tell them that there’s no place like, “your home” for the party, or “Come and click your heels together to have a good time”.  For a soccer party you could send out little toddler cleats with the invitation in the shape of a soccer ball.

Rock climbing invitation

Take some climbing rope, a carabineer, and a rock to put together a unique rock climbing party invitation.  Tie the rope around the rock and attach the invitation to the other end of the rope and hook in the carabineer.  The invitation can read, “Climb to new heights at Johnny’s birthday”.

Butterfly invitation

You can order butterflies or chrysalises from a mail order source and have each box contain a chrysalis or butterfly and the party information.  This can run about $25 for each one, but makes a truly exciting statement as an invitation.

Frog and Lily Pad invitation

“Hop on over to my pad for a great party” would be a clever way to invite people to a frog themed party.  Print the party information on some green paper cut like a lily pad and attach a plastic or rubber frog.  Or buy a bigger plastic frog and write the party information right on the frog with a permanent marker.  This invitation would work for a bug party as well or a reptile party, even though they are amphibians.

Let your imagination run wild for your next party invitation because the possibilities are absolutely endless.  Keep in mind that it’s important to think outside the envelope.

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