15 Blogs Featuring Creative Ideas for Making Luminaries

When the holidays roll around many neighborhoods and parks put out luminaries as a festive way to line and light the streets. Some people use them for trick-or-treaters so that they can safely walk up the steps to ring the doorbell. Others use them to light pathways through the yard during evening parties or events. The definition of luminary, as it’s being used in this article, means “body of light,” leaving a lot of room for creative interpretation when you’re making your own. Luminaries can be made from glass, paper bags, tin cans, plastic and even ice, and with the help of these 15 blogs you’ll be on your way to making your own unique luminaries in no time.

The Glitter of Glass

It’s easy to assemble glass luminaries, and because you have the weight of the glass to hold it in place, using sand becomes unnecessary. The glass also prevents candles from being extinguished by the wind, and eliminates any concern about the luminary catching on fire. For ideas on how to create various glass luminaries, take a look at these five blog posts.

Paper Please

Paper luminaries are the most common type, largely because they’re easy to assemble and can be made with basic items like lunch sacks, vellum or laminated paper. It’s important to take extra precautions when using paper bags and real candles because there is a fire risk, or you can skip the candles altogether and replace them with battery operated tea lights. You’ll also need sand for paper luminaries to stabilize the candle and prevent the bags from blowing over in the wind.  Learn more about making luminaries out of paper in these five blogs.

Daringly Different

If you are looking for something different and inexpensive for your luminaries, try using recycled tin cans or ice if it’s cold enough for ice to stay frozen. These five blogs explore unusual luminary ideas that you can consider for your next gathering.

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