18 Blogs Highlighting Back-to-School Fashion Trends for the Budget Conscious

It can be expensive to stay on point with the changing trends, but that doesn’t mean you’re destined to have an empty pocketbook to keep your kids in fashion. In fact, saving money on back-to-school fashions can be done quite easily with a few tips and tricks. You can find high-end looks at lower prices in local department stores, and by mixing a few trendy pieces with staples you already have on hand your child can be stylish without you spending a fortune. These 18 blogs will help you figure out what the trends are for back-to-school and how to get them for less.

Elementary Girls

Little girls probably don’t care all that much about being trendy, so it’s up to you to decide if you want to dress her in this year’s trendy clothes or look to second hand stores to get some basics and save some money. Incorporating some stylish pieces with some tried and true favorites can ensure that your little girl is quite the fashionista, without blowing the budget.  Take a look at what is trending for little girls this season in these six blog articles.


As girls get older they pay more attention to what they wear and how they look, and they’ll likely have quite a bit to say about anything you pick out for them. Before you pull out of the driveway, you may want to do a little shopping online to get what she wants and save some money. Fortunately for the budget conscious, many of the lower end retail stores have fashions that mimic the styles worn by the rich and famous.  These six blog entries will share some pictures of trends that will be popular for back-to-school.


Style isn’t just for the girls, and stylish boys both young and old will be sporting graphic T-shirts, bold colors and oxford type shirts with jeans.  The baggie look is out, and it has been replaced by more of a skinny leg jean.  Take a look at these blogs to see more of the latest fashion trends for guys.

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