21 Blogs Describing Ways to Personalize Clipboards as Gifts

A clipboard may not seem like a gift at first glance, however with a little creative know-how it can actually be something that is both fun and unique to give to a teacher or friend. You can paint a wooden clipboard, add embellishments or decorate it with scrapbooking paper to design a fun custom clipboard. These 21 blog posts take the ordinary clipboard and turn them into something extraordinary, making them a gift worth receiving.

To Paint or Not to Paint…

Paint has the ability to transform almost anything, whether you’re using acrylic, magnetic or chalkboard paint. Before painting a clipboard, consider what it’s going to be used for, then choose a paint type accordingly. These seven blog entries explain how to prepare the board and how many coats you’ll need for each type of paint to achieve the desired results.

Clearly Acrylic

Clear or plastic clipboards are available in most office supply stores and departments, and can be decorated with gems or paper to glam them up. These clipboards are perfect for writing on with dry erase markers because the marker will wipe off easily after. These seven blog articles explain how to dress up your plain clipboard with ribbons and bling.                     

  • Good Things Utah TV—Blingage Clipboards Use either wooden or acrylic clipboards for this blingy project, which focuses on decorating the clip.
  • Mini Clipboard The nice thing about acrylic clipboards is that they are clear, so you are able to decorate from the back.
  • DIY Clipboard & Day 1 in the Classroom Check out the directions for how this teacher dressed up a clear plastic clipboard.
  • Make a Blingy Clipboard You can dress up a clear clipboard with broken jewelry to bling it out.
  • Sunday Chore Chart Use your plastic clipboard and create a chore chart like this one using dry erase markers.
  • Updating My Clipboards While this blogger didn’t say what kind of clipboard she started with, you can use spray paint for plastic to update your plastic clipboards just like she did.
  • How to Write in the Shower If you’ve ever had ideas that pop into your head while showering, you understand why this plastic clipboard project works well for the shower.

Mod Podge to the Rescue

Many clipboard projects use Mod Podge in one form or another because it allows you to adhere paper to the clipboard and to coat it so that the surface becomes more durable for long-term use.  Read through these seven blog posts to get tips on how to get a smooth finish with your Mod Podge project.

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