21 Blogs with the Best Tips for Breaking a Sugar Addiction

Do you find that your thoughts are consumed with the next sweet treat you’re going to eat? Do you have to have something sugary after every meal? Are you addicted to sugar?  According to a study in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, sugar releases euphoric endorphins similar in nature to drugs that are commonly abused in some people’s brains.  These endorphins make you feel good, and when the feeling goes away you crave more.  And, just like any other addiction, it’s not simple to break an addiction to sugar – especially when sugar can be found in so many everyday foods. From bread to ketchup, yogurts to jellies, the list of foods containing sugar is endless. But that doesn’t mean you’re destined to live a life addicted to sugar; these 21 blogs will guide you through some common ways to break a sugar addiction, so you won’t forever be a slave to its sweet devices.

Cold Turkey

There are two ways to go about breaking a sugar addiction: stopping cold turkey or gradually cutting back on your consumption. These seven bloggers found that going cold turkey and completely cutting sugar out of their diet was the easiest route for them. After the initial withdrawal symptoms, their cravings for sugar diminished, until they no longer needed the sweet stuff. To read about ways you can stop sugar cold turkey, read these  seven blog posts.

Replace Your Sugar Cravings

Once you start any method of breaking a sugar addiction, you will need tools to help you achieve your goal. One method you can implement is replacing your sugar cravings with something else. These seven bloggers explain how they replaced sugar cravings with things like fresh fruit, something sour and spiced tea.  Read their posts to find out why these substitutions helped them break their sugar addiction.


Cleanses and detoxes can help ease sugar cravings when you go cold turkey. Often, eliminating sugar from your diet will enhance the natural sweetness of foods like carrots and sweet potatoes. Detoxes can also help decrease your sugar cravings. These seven blog posts explore cleanses and detoxes as a way to help break a sugar addiction.

Breaking a sugar addiction is difficult, but with these tools you can fight the addiction and come out happier and healthier.

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