25 Blogs with Tips for Throwing a Fairy Themed Party

Do you have a little girl who loves to dress up like a fairy princess? Then why not throw her a fabulous fairy themed party? Try to start planning at least a month before you the party, and be sure to include your little princess in the planning process. There are all sorts of fairies you can incorporate, so have her help you to narrow the list down. In these 25 blogs you will find ideas for invitation decorations, activities, a menu and party favors.


The ideas for fairy invitations are almost limitless! Whether you go all out and make your own invitations or you purchase them from the store, you need to make sure to get them in the mail at least two weeks in advance so that your guests can plan to attend. These five blogs will share some invitations that you can make for your fairy party.


When deciding on decorations, keep your theme in mind. Some fairy parties would be perfect with everything in pink and tissue paper flowers and tulle, whereas others will need toadstools, wood elements and maybe butterflies. Take a look at these five blogs to get some decorating inspiration.


Think about what kinds of things fairies need. Every self-respecting fairy needs a beautiful wand, so set up a craft station and allow the guests to decorate their own wands and finish the activity with a wand ceremony. And fairies will need wings, so you can either supply them or let the guests decorate them. You might want to create a fairy dust necklace. Use your imagination, or use one of the ideas in these blogs.

Dessert Table

Fairies are quite small as a rule, so you may want to opt for bite-sized treats on your dessert table. This also allows your guests to try a sampling of all of your tasty treats.  Try to tie the food into the theme by labeling the food with a funny tie-in, like ‘Tink’s Tiny Tea Sandwiches.’  Check out the phenomenal dessert tables featured in these five blog posts.

Party Favors

Provide a pretty bag or box for the guests to gather up their wand, fairy dust and other things that they made at the party. These items can be their party favors, or you can create something extra special for your fairies to take home with them.  Party favor inspiration can be found in these blogs.

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